Mustang to continue managing


When Equillion Tyler joined the Mustangs basketball team as a manager for his senior season last fall, he did not know it would lead to opportunities beyond his life in Madisonville.

“One day, Equillion approached me in the hallway and asked if I was in need of another manager for the team, which I was,” said Chris Reid, who just completed his first season as Madisonville’s head basketball coach. “From that point on, he was a blessing to our program. He filmed games, helped with road trips and managed equipment. He also had a positive attitude and good chemistry with the players.”

After the season, Reid was approached again. This time, he received a phone call from a member of the Jacksonville College basketball coaching staff. He was seeking a manager for the Jaguars. It was then Reid’s turn to stop Tyler in the hallway.

“I originally wanted to try and be the manager for Madisonville because of my uncle,” said Tyler. “He’s always had a passion for cameras and stuff like that and it seemed interesting to me. I decided I would give it a try.”

Tyler’s main responsibility was recording the games so that the players could watch film afterwards. The experience has opened up a new realm of possibilities for his future and career aspirations after college.

“I’d like to continue to learn and explore further options in recording sports,” said Tyler. “It would be really cool to get to do something like that at the professional level.”

Tyler was also able to grow closer with his friends on the basketball team through his managerial responsibilities while he earned admiration from the new coach.

“I knew right away that Equillion would be perfect for the Jacksonville position,” said Reid. “He is a great young man who deserves this opportunity and I wish him the best.”