Mustangs enter postseason


The Madisonville men's basketball team honored their eight seniors last Tuesday before the last regular season game of the year and the last home game of their careers.

"This has been such a great group to coach," said first year Madisonville basketball coach Chris Reid on his seniors. "That's not just in terms of basketball, but the kind of people that they are. These are great kids who have never given me a problem. My only regret with this group is that I didn't get to coach them longer."

The Mustangs, however, were unable to defeat Palestine on senior night and fell by a score of 44-42 in an extremely wacky contest. Despite a combination of just 10 points in the first and third quarters, Madisonville had a chance to win the game in the final seconds.

The Mustangs inbounded the ball after the called a timeout, but the Wildcats were then also awarded one. The problem with that is you can't call a timeout in basketball if you don't have possession. The officials, however, appeared to be at least confused enough be Palestine's request to blow the whistle.

There were no arguments with the rules and there wasn't a complete timeout, but the Mustangs had to inbound the ball once more. This time, they would be hit with a 5-second violation and a turnover.

Madisonville still had a couple of fouls to give, so there were less than 5 ticks left on the clock when Palestine finally ended up at the line. They hit one-of-two, but Madisonville couldn't connect on a desperation shot to end the game.

The Mustangs spent most of the second and final quarters trying to make up for poor play in the first and third. Despite 6 points in the third, Madisonville was able to climb back into the contest in the final eight minutes after trailing 37-30.

They eventually cut the deficit to 1 and had a chance to take the lead before all the confusion with the inbound. Sam Bennett's would be go-ahead shot was blocked and retained by Palestine, but the Wildcats overthrew the outlet pass to keep hopes alive.

The Wildcats avenged a home loss to Madisonville on Jan. 26. That contest was also decided by 2 points.

Even if the Mustangs had won, they still would've ended up finishing second in district behind Athens, who ran the table outside of their loss in Madisonville on Feb. 2. Madisonville completed their regular season with a district mark of 5-3 and 17-5 overall.

The Mustangs tried to extend their season with their first playoff game against Lorena at Cameron Yoe last night.