No options left but to take our lumps


Running a newspaper is a pretty intense business.

There’s always a happening, or a piece of information, or a sale, or a great photo, or something of a similar nature that needs to be seen, to be put out to continue weaving the tapestry of Madisonville.

The newspaper is a great source for all those things. And the thing about newspapers, it’s one of the last, if not THE last, thing that is created brand new, from scratch, every time.

To pull this feat off requires a lot of people across a lot of real estate, and, of course, the readers and advertisers. We all have to come together, hitting on all cylinders, to create this little piece of soon-to-be history.

Occasionally, there’s a misstep, particularly when working under the pressure of a deadline. Many of you may have noticed that last week.

Seems in the design phase of this weekly venture, a picture of a local candidate for the Justice of the Peace ended up being included in story about a Bedias woman who was arrested for theft.

The mechanics of this egregious mistake are not the issue here; the issue is that we made the error, and we’re heartily sorry for that, particularly, as the man in the picture said himself, that “toothpaste can’t be put back into the tube.”

The mistake only showed up in the print edition, and in order to let people know that we made this error, we posted a mea culpa online, and explained what happened.

In this business, we can only apologize and explain, we can’t erase. We also learn, and try not to make the same mistake again.

I’m proud of the staff we have here, and each and every one of them work diligently and very hard, sometimes under very difficult circumstance, each and every day, weekends included, to put out a quality product.

It’s been said we do not take responsibility for this. That couldn’t be further from the case. It’s been said that since we’re not fortunate to be from Madisonville, that we don’t really care about the results. That is offensive, as everyone here is committed to doing the best possible job, and still do.

We’re sorry, Mitch, and we’ll do better. We always try to.

•Not really a Headline of Note, but more of a puzzling television news story of confusion: Some television station on its morning news broadcast Friday ran a story about, well, an animal pratfall.

Seems Bei Bei the panda, a resident of the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, D.C., did what pandas do, which was climb a tree.

Then the thinkable happened. The bough broke, and down came baby panda, branch and all.

This is another side of the problem with the news, in that there’s a lot of time to fill and channels trying to fill that time, and not a lot of news. Not every day.

This always has been a serious business, and running things that are more suited for America’s Funniest Videos than a news broadcast.

But hey, pandas, especially babies, are cute, right?

Tony Farkas is publisher of the Madisonville Meteor.