North Zulch scholarships


Last week’s issue featured most of the North Zulch graduating seniors who were presented with scholarships during the graduation ceremony, but not every award was listed.

Listed below are students and the Education Foundation Scholarships they earned that were not in last week.

Sally Osth earned the Normangee State Bank, Madisonville Funeral Home and Corky Memorial Scholarships. Emma Baker won the Waller Family Scholarship as well as the Dolores Allphin Memorial Scholarship.

Cassidy Brown earned the Bob Jones Memorial and Albert Casey Memorial Scholarships while Zainab Sunny earned the Marie Barrett Memorial Scholarship. Eliza Lazenby was the recipient of the Carter Enterprises, Marie Barrett Memorial, Prosperity Bank and Waller Family Scholarships. Eridany Garcia received a Scholarship from the First State Bank of Bedias.

Hailey Windham was awarded the Pyramid Lodge 593, National Bank of Madisonville and Marie Barrett Memorial Scholarships while Hannah Windham also earned the Pyramid Lodge 593 Scholarship as well as the Jeanette Davis Scholarship. Randall Thomas, Nolan Diserens and Cole Weaver each earned the Marie Barrett Memorial Scholarship. Zainab Sunny earned a scholarship from the North Zulch Education Foundation.

Former students who received scholarships directly from the North Zulch Education Foundation were Kiera Cosby, Kyela Cosby, Hans Osth, Weston Wolfe, Macy O’Neal, Ty Zehnder and Andrea McWhorter.