NZISD broadens dual credit program


Sophomore students at North Zulch ISD are now eligible to get a head start on their college courses along with juniors and seniors in the district since the board agreed to extend the dual credit program during the summer.

“Sophomores will have an opportunity to earn a total of 30 college hours before they graduate,” said NZISD Counselor Kori Batten. “Sophomores can take one class per semester, or three course hours, while juniors and seniors can complete up to two classes.”

The board agreed to pay for all of the dual credit classes under the condition that the student passes the course. In previous years, an instructor has come to North Zulch from Blinn College, but the courses will be done online this semester.

The district has seen a significant amount of participation in the program from the newly eligible sophomore class with 19 percent of the students active. The junior class numbers are up to 30 percent and 25 percent of the senior class participates in the program.

“We wanted our students who are interested in post-secondary education to have more of an opportunity to be involved,” said Batten. “The students who want to attend college can get their feet wet earlier and are being challenged more.”

It also presents an opportunity for students who are unsure if they want to continue their education beyond the high school level. Students now have the opportunity to be involved and participate at an earlier age while they take the necessary steps to figure out their futures.