NZISD hosts children's author


Children’s book author Steve Swinburne visited North Zulch elementary on Tuesday to discuss his work and assist any future aspiring writers through song and fun.

Swinburne is originally from London, but moved to the United States via the Queen Elizabeth at the age of 8. He has a bachelor's degree in English and biology and has worked as a ranger in a number of National Parks. Most of his titles focus on nature and wildlife.

“I was a park ranger and a naturalist,” said Swinburne. “I have always written in journals since I was a kid, and I always wanted to write about nature. I used to write about it for adults, but soon realized I would like to do it for kids.”

Swinburne has written over 30 books and also uses his website for blogs, poems and music. For the North Zulch students, he brought with him his ukulele and performed a song about turtles for all to sing along with.

“I try to keep it light and fun,” said Swinburne. “I want to entertain them as well as educate them. I play a little music, I was into the guitar when I was younger, so the ukulele is something I do to keep things fun.”

He also led an exercise to help the kids with their verb usage where he stressed the importance of painting a picture as an author. The children were asked to write a brief piece from the point of view of a baby chick hatching from an egg. A few of the kids shared their work with the class at the urging of Swinburne.

Some popular titles by Swinburne include Lots and Lots of Zebra Stripes, Ocean Soup, Safe in a Storm, Turtle Tide and Black Bear.

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