NZISD introduces new technology


The North Zulch ISD School Board held their monthly meeting for September on Thursday and discussed new upgrades in the district’s technology that will also prove reliable for continued student safety moving forward.

In the meeting’s technology report, NZISD announced that they have upgraded the facility’s laptops to new Chrome Books and introduced a new phone application that will make life easier for substitute teachers and scheduling.

They also announced the addition of a new speaker system at the Elementary school. This will be the first time the Elementary level has a speaker system in North Zulch.

Some of the technological upgrades in 2018, such as a new camera system on the busses, will make the trip to school a safer one for all of the students involved. The new bus cameras will cover a wider variety of the vehicle and feature a clearer image as well. The cameras are even able to make out what a student is holding in their hands while on the bus.

Lastly, NZISD will purchase a new phone application for the staff that essentially acts as a panic button. Every employee will have the app downloaded to their phone and it will help with response time, which is the administration’s top concern during the event of an emergency. If a staff member witnesses something they need to report, they can simply hit the button on the app to notify administrators as well as law enforcement.

“Response time is everything,” said NZISD Superintendent Alan Andrus. “Whether it is something like an intruder or a medical emergency, reducing that response time could save lives. This will help in all scenarios.”

Safety remains NZISD’s first priority and they are excited to have the new app, which many larger districts have already encompassed as well.

The board also recognized their first Students and Employees of the Month for the 2018 school year. The Student of the Month awards were presented to Jonathan Garcia (Elementary), Daysi Salinas (Junior High) and Tyler Wallace (High School). The Employees of the Month were teacher Dana Diserens and aide Lindsey Gafford.