NZISD students continue to show improvement


The North Zulch Independent School District (NZISD) was pleased with the improvements they saw from elementary and junior high STAAR scores, which they received last week.

“I think you can attribute that to our teachers and all the work they are doing,” said Superintendent Alan Andrus. “We were able to hire a lot of veteran teachers last year and they just came in and did an excellent job on improving our scores from the approaches, meets and masters levels. I am very proud of our staff and the hard work they put in this year along with our students and parents as well.”

NZISD students showcased growth across the board in the approaches (passing), meets and masters categories. The biggest improvements at the elementary level, according to Principal Janie Pope, came in third grade math, fourth grade writing and fifth grade science. The percentage of students who passed jumped nearly 30 points in each subject.

There were also quite a bit of an increase among economically disadvantaged students.

“We really tried to focus this year on the scores being higher than the passing standards and making sure that the teachers knew who those children were to make sure that their needs were being met,” said Pope.

The area that still needs the most improvement is reading. The one area that the Elementary saw a decrease in was sixth grade reading and the subject was also down across the board in meets and masters.

“Science and social studies are the highest I have seen since I have been here,” said Andrus. “Reading is something that we will continue to target, but there were some areas that we made improvements in.”

At the Junior High level, writing is the area that needs the most improvement. According to High School Principal Johan Osth, the school’s writing lab will be extended to eighth graders to assist with English 1.

Both sixth and eighth grade math students had a 100 percent passing rate.

While the scores in full are not yet available, parents can access the scores of their individual child at

The board also discussed the replacement of a fire panel on the Elementary campus. The panel was blown out by a storm and will need to be replaced. They are currently waiting to hear a cost for the project and will have someone at the school to give officials an estimate this week. They will then hear bids on replacing the panel.