President Trump is right on immigration


Last week, when President Trump asked House Republicans to pass a bill that would turn the four pillars of his conservative immigration plan into law, I said yes.

I voted for a bill that provided almost $25 billion for the construction of the wall on our southern border. The bill ended the visa lottery program and severely limited chain migration to just spouses and minor children. It also fairly resolved the DACA situation and reversed the old policy that required family separation at the border, all just as President Trump requested.

It was very disappointing to watch every single Democrat in the House vote against this bill, not only turning their backs on the Dreamers they claim to support, but also on the very real need to secure our border. I’m going to continue to fight alongside our President for real border security and an America First immigration policy. It’s a matter of national security.

• • •

Speaking of national security, the number one Constitutional responsibility of Congress is protecting our nation. The House passed legislation last week that appropriates the funds needed by the Department of Defense to return our military to full readiness. It takes steps to ensure our troops have the equipment and training they need to do their jobs and keep our country safe. The men and women serving our nation in uniform deserve the best, and I am proud to support them through this important piece of legislation.

• • •

There was good news regarding Hurricane Harvey funding for Texas last week when the Department of Housing and Urban Development announced approval of the Texas General Land Office’s recovery plan. Many of our families and businesses are still struggling to get back to normal and this approval will really help with recovery efforts.

• • •

Thousands of staffers work in Congress, but Janet Qureshi, my Director of Case Management in Conroe, is a stand-out because of her dedication to the constituents in our district. Janet was recently recognized for all of her hard work over the years and was named one of four runners-up by the Congressional Management Foundation for their Lifetime Achievement Award. Janet has impacted thousands of Texans and helped save lives. I am so proud of Janet - she truly deserves this award!

• • •

The winner of this year’s Congressional Art Competition for District 8 visited D.C. with her family and art teacher last week. Gracie Evers, a junior from Porter High School in New Caney ISD, was able to see her painting, “The Anthem” hanging in the halls of Congress and toured the Capitol and White House. Her piece, which illustrates a young boy pledging the American and Texas flags with his hand over his heart, truly captures the spirit of the Lone Star State. I have already heard people stop to comment on what a beautiful painting it is.

• • •

Last week marked 242 years since the Second Continental Congress declared it was time to “dissolve the political bands” between the colonies and a tyrannical monarchy. The amazing experiment in self-government that followed has produced the most prosperous and free nation in the world — the United States of America. What a blessing it is to be an American, especially during a time when liberty and prosperity for all is again on the rise. May God continue to bless America.

U.S. Congressman Kevin Brady chairs the House Ways and Means Committee