Round Town (Aug. 14, 2019)

Posted 8/13/19

Hats off to those Midway Farris gals, Riley and Faith! They stomped the competition at the recent 13 and under American Quarter Horse Youth Association World Championship Show and now own the titles of AQHYA World Champion and Reserve World Champion.

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Round Town (Aug. 14, 2019)


Hats off to those Midway Farris gals, Riley and Faith! They stomped the competition at the recent 13 and under American Quarter Horse Youth Association World Championship Show and now own the titles of AQHYA World Champion and Reserve World Champion.

Riley won the championship with a score of 220, while her cousin Faith was right behind her, scoring 218 to win Reserve Champion. Both girls have taken home championships before but to have two youths from the same family take the two top spots is as rare as, well, snow in South Texas.

The show was held Aug. 6-7 at the Oklahoma State Fair Park in Oklahoma City, where 34 competitors vied for the title. When the first go-round ended, 17 then advanced to the Finals. That’s where our Madison County gals ruled the show.

Riley is the daughter of Mike Farris and Lindy Wells while Faith is the daughter of Mitch and Tracy Farris. The girls are the granddaughters of Jimmy and Carolyn Farris. Both Mike and Mitch have trained horses in past years and Jimmy has always competed in cutting competitions and continues to do so today.

How about some birthdays? First, happy birthday to Candy Bennett, whose birthday is Thursday. Bobby Wise then celebrates his special day Friday, turning 80 years young and joining that octogenarian group I wrote about last week. Drop by Madisonville Feed Store and wish him a happy birthday!

Friday is also birthday time for Dewitt Corley. Heidi Clopton’s birthday is Monday and Meagan Dean and Nancy Clopton celebrate Tuesday.

And a special happy belated birthday to Rosanne Lee whose birthday was July 30. July is a good month for this lady since not only is it her birthday month, but July 29 is also when she and hubby Billy Lee wed, 53 years ago. Happy belated anniversary Rosanne and Billy!

The Lees and their son and daughter-in-law co-purchased property in Madison County more than 20 years ago looking forward to retiring here someday. Roseanne and Billy did that five years ago and now the younger Lees spend most weekends in Madison County working on their future home. They don’t work on the weekend of the Mushroom Festival though. Daughter-in-law Sara says they never miss it! By the way, it was Sara who shared the news about her in-laws. That’s a close family.

Speaking of the Mushroom Festival, now is the time to buy those tickets. The Gala Dinner is on tap for Friday evening Oct.18 while the festival begins the next morning. And what a day it will be! Besides the square loaded with venders and food, the annual wine tasting will be a main draw as will the chefs and their recipes for mushrooms.

You can also participate as well as “spectate.” Deadlines are fast approaching for participating though. Want to enter the Art Contest? Entries need to be turned in no later than Sept 19. That’s also the deadline for the amateur all-ages photography contest. Then there’s the Shitake 5K Run, the car show and so much more. Check it out at

Tickets for the Gala Dinner are $125.00 per ticket and you can order yours via mail by sending your check to Texas Mushroom Festival, P.O. box 695, Madisonville, TX 77864

Here’s what else is going on ‘round Madison County.

First, recognize any of these folks? Casey Lucherk, Erica Jones, Ashlyn Staci, Ryan Rodriguez, Lisa Heath, Samantha Jones, Melissa Padgett, Todd Armstrong and Bethany Pope? If not and you have a child enrolled at in North Zulch School District you will probably get to meet them this year. In fact, Monday night was Meet the Teacher night at NZ Wishing all these new North Zulch teachers a great year.

Then Thursday, grab your lawn chair and head out to the arena at Crossroads Cowboy Church for a fun time watching team ropers compete. It all starts at 7 p.m. with the books opening at 6:15 p.m. for the ropers. Champs will receive a dinner gift certificate from Walkers Vintage Café. Can’t beat that! Ropings will be held every other Thursday and we’ll keep you posted.

Saturday is designated as “Nationwide Clear the Shelter Day”. If you would like some extra loving, you can get it by adopting one of the special animals rescued in our city and county. They will be at Tractor Supply from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Don’t forget it!

Last week I shared how important social activity is to longevity for every age. The easiest way to prove that is testing retired individuals who have a tendency to settle in at home and let their social interaction wane.

Bryan James, an epidemiologist at the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center in Chicago performed a year-long study on 1,100 seniors measuring social activity levels and periodically testing their cognitive functioning. James reported, “The rate of cognitive decline was 70% less in people with frequent social contact than those with low social activity.”

Now notice, the study was on our mental decline, not age. And decline affects all of us if social interaction is limited. In a Psychology Today article, Dr. Joe Magliano stated, “social-emotional skills are crucial for children to become successful both socially and academically.”

Well, have I got a great social idea to benefit you and your family and our county as well. Join the Madison County Arts Council! Bring your ideas, your talents, your friends and come Aug. 27 at 6:30 p.m. to the membership drive at the Kimbro Center. It’s a great time to meet people, laugh at some of the local entertainment and enjoy great snacks by none other than Chef Paul Aguilar.

Arts councils are the hub of the cultural side in many towns and our town needs to revive our art council. Beaverton, Michigan calls theirs “The hub of activities for all ages and all interests.”

The Arkansas Arts Council says theirs, “strengthen the economy, drives tourism and business, and improves academic performance.”

Yes, art means dance and painting and drawing, but it means so much more. It means writing, it means cooking (think artistic cakes), it means self-expression and expanding your world. Come see what’s available and consider the talents you have to offer. Fall’s coming. It’s time to develop the arts, set goals, enjoy life and one another. See you there! And with that, it’s time to sign off folks. Marcus Aurelius, who was considered one of the few good Roman Emperors once stated, “very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.”

Our thinking, positive or negative really does mold our lives. So, how’s your thinking? Why not stick a little notepad in your pocket and find out? Write positive on one line and negative on another. Then put a mark beside the appropriate word every time you hear yourself say something positive or negative. And yes, griping about the weather is negative. That’s why the place for negative marks needs to be under positive. You might just need more than one line for them!

See ya ‘round town!