'Round Town (Aug. 21, 2019)

Posted 8/20/19

It’s that time of year. The streets are busier in the early morning and then again in the mid-afternoon hours as busses and parents whisk our youth to and from school.

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'Round Town (Aug. 21, 2019)


It’s that time of year. The streets are busier in the early morning and then again in the mid-afternoon hours as busses and parents whisk our youth to and from school.

Restaurant employees scurry a little faster with an increase in noon deliveries and Facebook overflows with those first day of school pictures, building memories of today’s youth and tomorrow’s adults of Madison County.

If you stop and think about it, that is all about how we freely come and go and do those things important to us. It’s good to be an American isn’t it? And it’s good to live in Madison County.

Here’s what else is going on ‘round town.

Saturday was Clear the Shelters Day, a successful national pet adoption day now in its fifth year. A lot of fur babies are enjoying their new homes this week and their new families are feeling the love only a pet can give.

Madisonville was a part of the pet adoption program, setting up the pets without homes at our local Tractor Supply Store. Frequently the store allows Rufus Refuge to bring the animals and display them for the community to view, to pet, to get to know them and to take one home. That’s exactly what happened Saturday and it was a great day.

The Anaya family, Mom, Dad and daughter adopted a cute little fella nicknamed Coleman, while Yellow Rose, a shy little gal went home with Stephanie. The Repass family returned to adopt Abby, so their previously adopted pet Derby would have a friend. Then the Schlett gang took Gabby home with them and the list goes on.

There is also the story of Easton, a young boy wise beyond his years. And no doubt reared by a mom and dad who believe in instilling strong values in children. Easton and his family adopted their dog Ollie at a previous adoption day and a strong bond immediately formed between Easton and Ollie.

To show his appreciation for his newfound friend, Easton set up a lemonade stand to raise money and then donated his hard-earned money to Rufus Refuge. Thanks Easton, and thanks Mom and Dad. Quite an example of helping others.

By the way, nationwide 119,881 animals were adopted from 1,900 shelters last weekend according to Clear the Shelters Home webpage.

You may have heard the tongue-in-cheek saying “No good deed goes unpunished?” Jim and Betsy Daspit can tell you all about that. While trying to do a good deed and rescue a cat from some dogs, the couple were both bitten and scratched, the cat got away and now they are undergoing rabies vaccinations. The vaccinations and the gamma goblin shots that go along can be tough so drop your cards to them at 3778 Hwy 75 North in Madisonville.

The first wedding at Bluebird Haven Estates was held Saturday. Bluebird Haven Estates located on Collard Street is the dream of artist Sallie Reid. Already completed is a beautiful outdoor setting for weddings while under construction is a climate-controlled building for all kinds of activities, and an open-air chapel, all on 30 acres transforming into a beautiful retreat right here in Madisonville.

Sallie also holds art classes at Bluebird Haven. While the summer classes have finished, fall classes -- which will be held at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesdays -- are about to begin. There is some good talent in our county! We will get that info for enrolling your child, or even yourself, for you.

Don’t forget about this coming Tuesday evening’s Madison County Arts Council Reception and membership drive. That’s Tuesday, so mark your calendar, set your phone’s alarm, put a post-it on your fridge and on your car’s windshield!

Bring your family and your friends and come at 6:30 p.m. to the Kimbro Center for some local entertainment and great snacks by none other than Chef Paul Aguilar. Now, just to prepare you, the entertainment gang probably won’t get a call from Hollywood, but Paul’s cooking can go up against any chef!

Too often when we think of an arts council, we conjure in our minds picture of artists and their work. While painting and drawing are definitely under the umbrella, so is so much more.

Culture is defined by the website Live Science as “the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people, encompassing language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts.”

The arts are really all about enjoying life and doing so with your family and friends right here in Madison County. Come see what it is about, come hear what it is about, come support the Arts Council of Madison County. Board members looking forward to seeing you there are Paul Aguilar, Don Austin, Bill Cavill, Janet Drake, Heidi Ellis, Rita Fannin, Toni Hardy, John Hardy, Laura Lawrenz, Gala Nettles, Sallie Reid, Diana Vance and Delores Williams.

On our birthday list: Happy birthday to Belinda Albert, who celebrates Friday, as well as Kandy Woodall, whose birthday is Saturday. Hubby Stephen Woodall celebrates his Aug 31. Monday is birthday time for Patrick McDonald and Mike Dutton. Also Monday will be a big birthday celebration time for Beth Blagrave. This special lady turns 95 years young!

Congratulations to Jolette and Loyd Midkilff on the birth of their daughter KayLee Marie. The little lady was born Saturday weighing 7 lb and 15 oz. She was welcomed home by her big brother Braxton.

And finally, somehow it just happens. Somehow, we believe universal ideas that just aren’t so. Think of the cult preachers who convince hundreds of people to follow then in death.

Now we don’t think we would do that, but on a smaller scale, we do. Every year fashion tells women what they should wear and subtly push the idea that if you don’t follow the trend, you’re not fashionable.

Similarly, much of society assumes that if they haven’t caught the wheel of financial success or reached your dreams by midlife, whatever that is, you’ve probably missed your chance. But who made that decision?

Take a look at individuals who evidently did not get the memo that they weren’t supposed to succeed after years of living lined their face. Colonel Sanders started trying to market his fired chicken recipe at the age of 65; Grandma Moses began her painting career at the age 76. Louise Bourgeois was 78 before she became famous as an artist and Ronald Reagan was 69 when he became President of the United States.

The moral of the story? If you’ve got a dream, forget what society thinks, forget what naysayers say. Whatever your dream is, it is never too late to achieve it. Get up, develop a plan and go chase it. You can do this!

See you round town.