'Round Town (Jan. 14, 2020)

Posted 1/14/20

I’ve got a story to tell you. Although Valentine’s Day is almost a month away, you might say this is a Valentine’s story.

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'Round Town (Jan. 14, 2020)


I’ve got a story to tell you. Although Valentine’s Day is almost a month away, you might say this is a Valentine’s story.

The story is about Bill White who lives in Stockton, Calif. White is a collector and, in fact, scrapbooking is his favorite hobby. Ringed notebooks one after another filled with years of memorabilia line up like soldiers on his bookshelves. They preserve his lifetime of memories each book organized by the year.

White has plenty of memorabilia to keep. This retired Marine major, now 104 years young and the oldest living Marine, served his country in active duty for 30 years. On Feb. 28, 1945 at the age of 19, he, along with fellow Marines stormed Iwo Jima, the second battalion wave to do so.

Major White was wounded during that fierce fight and counts it a blessing to be a survivor of the battle. His Purple Heart, along with seventeen other medals of commendation are framed on his wall, a testimony to his love of country.

Major White still stands tall and looks quite dapper in his uniform. He uses a walker for security and he still proudly sings the Marine Hymn at gatherings. And of course, he still records his days in his notebooks. That’s where Valentine’s Day comes in and where you, too, come in should you choose to.

In an interview with news channel KTXL of Sacramento, the centenarian shared he wants to add to his collection with cards from people near and far.

“I'll save every one of them like I've been saving little things that have come up until right now and they’ll be a personal part of my history,” said Major White. Should you like to honor this wish send your Valentine card to the following address: Attention: Maj. Bill White, (USMC ) Ret, The Oaks at Inglewood, 6725 Inglewood Ave. Stockton, Calif. 95207.

Speaking of February, this year February gives us a leap year, that additional day that comes along every four years. This year there will be a Feb. 29, something that last happened in 2016.

And just for the record, here’s a little trivia about the extra day. Because of the additional day Christmas will fall on Friday this year instead of Thursday as it would have fallen had we not had that extra day in Feb. Now you know!

Before moving on to other things, I’ve got to take a moment to brag. For the past week Ronnie and I have been in Denver at the Denver Western Wholesale market. While it’s definitely hard work to set up a booth and display the wares, it’s worth every sore muscle since it is always a good show, one that’s given us the opportunity to meet a great bunch of people worldwide.

This year was no different but in addition to a good week, (drum roll please) the Nettles Stirrups Booth won the “Best of Booth Award in the Mart Building” Yep, we’re proud!

Here’s what’s going on round town.

Condolences to Carroll Bradbury Fox and Brad Bradbury on the loss of their grandmother Elayne Andrews. Elayne passed away early Saturday morning at the age of 94. She was also preceded in death by her daughter Suzanne Bradbury Colwell. Services are scheduled for 11 a.m. Wednesday at First United Methodist Church.

Our birthday list is a little short this time but it’s still good folks. First, happy birthday to Debbie Boyett and Jerry Huff. These two celebrate their birthday Friday. Then winding out this week’s list is Sue Howe. Sue will do her celebrating Jan. 22.

Got birthdays? Anniversaries you would like to share? Send them to gala@nettlescountry.com or call 936-348-6541. Again, please spell those names, no matter how simple they sound. You would be surprised how many ways Ann can be spelled. And did you know Sue can be spelled Sioux? Yep, that’s true.

Monday is Martin Luther King Day. Banks and Federal businesses will be closed and our public schools will also close to honor the day.

One more thing: Tuesday is National Hug day. Guaranteed to make you smile if you take part in this national day.

Calling all business owners who are a member of our Madison County Chamber of Commerce! Now is the time to nominate your favorite persons for the Madison County Man and Woman of the year. While nominations are coming in yours favorites may not be nominated yet, so get busy and nominate them. They just might be the man and woman who need to win!

The nomination isn’t about owning a business, although those are hardworking folks who definitely deserve the praise. It’s about helping our community to thrive. Who just crossed your mind? Send your nominees to liz@madisonchamber.net. Or drop them by the Chamber of Commerce office in the Kimbro Center. No, you don’t have to sign your name and yes, it is completely confidential.

Then of course get those tickets bought for Chamber banquet, this year to be held Feb. 7 at the Seton Center, a part of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church. It’s going to be a great evening.

And finally, we live among some of the best people in Texas so I feel pretty confident Major Bill White will receive some valentine cards from Madisonville.

And while the date is on your mind, it just might be a good time to jot down some names of others whom you would like to remember on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s really is a special day, not just for lovers, but also for “others.” According to the U.S. Greeting Card Association, approximately one billion valentines are sent each year worldwide, making the day the second largest card-sending holiday of the year, behind Christmas.

Taking care of business in plenty of time is always good, including buying those Valentine cards. By doing so you have time to write a note and not just sign your name. While your signature will no doubt make the recipient smile, those notes are what make a card so special.

Thinking about flowers for someone? Call the florist now and schedule those flowers to be delivered before Valentine’s Day. It is one of the busiest days of the year for a florist and your early order will help them make sure they have plenty or flowers ordered and that yours aren’t being delivered late Valentine’s Day.

And don’t forget to gather phone numbers for a few folks close to your heart.

Now you have approximately 20 weekdays to get those cards bought and while that may seem like plenty of time, time can slip by before you know it.

Make it a goal to get started now to make as many people as possible know how much you appreciate them this Valentines.

By the way, happy early Valentine’s everyone!