'Round Town (July 17, 2019)

Posted 7/16/19

Happy anniversary to Delores and Jerry Williams! The couple celebrate their 57th anniversary this Sunday.

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'Round Town (July 17, 2019)


Happy anniversary to Delores and Jerry Williams! The couple celebrate their 57th anniversary this Sunday.

Unfortunately, in today’s throw-away society, a lot of couples toss their marriage before their fifth anniversary. Jerry, though, has a tip for younger married couples to help them celebrate their next anniversary and then the one after that.

“It takes a lot of work and dedication,” he shared, acknowledging that like so many couples who put forth that extra effort, every celebrated anniversary is worth that work and dedication it took to make the milestone.

Birthdays are another yearly celebration so here’s some you need to know about: First, happy belated birthday to Voyce Park who celebrated her birthday Tuesday. Her family gave her a big birthday celebration last Friday, cake and all!

On to this week’s list. This Friday is birthday time for Priscilla Pate. By the way, Priscilla is a great motivational speaker! Julie Petrie, Sheila McWhorter and Jennifer Totten will blow out candles Saturday while Paul David Richie will do the same this coming Monday. Kevin Hartley winds out our list for this week with his birthday Tuesday.

If you have birthdays, anniversaries or other important events to share, email it to gala@nettlescountry.com. Or call 936-348-6541 and leave your info.

Here’s what’s going on ‘round our town.

From 2-4 p.m. Thursday (hopefully you’re reading the paper on Wednesday) the Madisonville’s Capital Farm Credit Office will host an Open House for our community. If you haven’t met the crew there yet, on hand to greet you will be Clint, Steve, Rhiannon and Shelby. And they will have refreshments! Drop by, ask questions, check it out. You may want to do some business with these folks!

Don’t forget about the upcoming win-win DQ Blizzard day. Thursday. Week, that’s Thursday July 25, the local Dairy Queen owned by the Smith family of Bryan will host Miracle Treat Day where the net proceeds from your purchase of a blizzard will go to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, benefitting Texas Children’s Hospitals.

I wrote about this last week, adding that I felt all of the great bosses in our town will want to buy their employees a Blizzard, especially since the boss can also give a gift card. If your boss has given you the heads-up he’s buying Blizzards next week, let us hear from you. We’d like to share that! We all love to brag on the great bosses in our town. Now I must admit, I haven’t heard a word from Meteor Publisher Roy Reynolds yet, but I’m sure he has just been busy.

This is the week for those last two Vacation Bible Schools in our area. This is another win-win. Parents, you can have a little recoup time and the kiddos will no doubt enjoy VBS. Crossroads Cowboy Church starts theirs Sunday evening, beginning at 5:30 p.m. culminating July 25. Yes, you parents can enjoy several quiet dinners next week. Call the church at 936-349-4401 between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. for more info.

First Baptist Church VBS kicks off Monday morning and runs 8:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. You can enroll your kids who are entering kindergarten through sixth grade by going to the events page on the church’s website or stopping by the church office.

And while we’re on the subject of the kiddos, mark your calendar for Aug 10. That is going to be free school supply day for kids from Pre-K to 5th grade. We will share more info with you about that next time.

Condolences to the family of Howard David Rush. Rush was a well-known member of the North Zulch community, having been born and reared there. Although a pipeliner, a trade that took him world-wide home always remained North Zulch.

Rush is survived by his wife Etta Pearl, son Bennie and wife, Margaret, daughter Cheryl and husband, Stephen Cowart, five grandchildren and their families which includes five great-grandchildren. Send your condolences to Mrs. Etta Pearl and the family at 8625 FM 1372, North Zulch, 77872.

A reminder about the drawing for the Schlitterbahn tickets and just as importantly a reminder to encourage your friends and neighbors to subscribe to the Madisonville Meteor. Newspapers intertwine small towns, something the giant newspapers so frequently quoted in the media cannot do. Those quotes don’t touch the heart of small-town America like a small-town newspaper does with its news about your neighbors, the schools, the county fairs. There’s just something about taking a few minutes out of the day to sit down, hold the paper and read It. Ours lay all week on the coffee table. I may find time to peruse it again through the week and I may not, but for some reason I take comfort in those folded pages laying there.

Advertisement and subscriptions keep the doors open to the small-town papers. Hopefully you join me in doing our part to keep our decades old Meteor coming weekly into our mailboxes.

And finally, it’s hot. Just hot, really hot. Excessive heat can cause dehydration before you know it. Hubby Ronnie Nettles experienced that several years ago, when heat stroke landed him in the emergency room and out of commission for several days.

I learned a lot when that happened, like your body is about 60% water and even losing 1.5% leads to mild dehydration. According to research from the University of Connecticut things like your mood, energy level and cognitive function all drop.

I learned when you’re working in the heat dehydration creeps up on you before you know it. By the time you are thirsty dehydration has already begun. Infrequent urination with darker urine, dry mouth, more fatigue than usual, a headache - especially if you seldom have them - lightheadedness, even cravings for sugar and salt can be mean you’re dehydrated.

I also learned every organ, cell and tissue in your body depends on water for survival so when dehydration becomes severe, those organs start shutting down. Stressed? That can cause quicker dehydration.

Of course, we all know continually drinking water and drinks with electrolytes help keep dehydration at bay and we do that best by keeping a drink with us.

One other thing I learned, though, is that experts say drinking a glass of water first thing when you awaken and right before bed help keep you hydrated. It might be worth trying, since our part of the world is really hot right now.