’Round Town July 4, 2018


If you’re reading this Tuesday, July 3, then consider driving out to the home of Debby and David Hammit on Derby Lane this evening to watch a little roping. It’s a good American sport and a great way to usher in our Independence Day.

Many of these ropings are held at Crossroads Cowboy Church, which sponsors the event but the Hammits, who attend CCC, graciously share their arena, as well.

True to the Western spirit, a short devotional easily fits somewhere between that first and last clang of the chute gate and the first and last swoosh from those ropes tossed from the hands of talented horsemen.

This Tuesday evening is the third in a series of ropings, the last one coming up July 17. There will be some intense competition going on since someone will take home a new saddle when the dust settles after the last event. It’s a free evening, so grab a lawn chair, a bottle of water and just go watch.

•Here’s what else is going on ‘round our town.

The Mormon Congregation, which just installed a flag pole in front of the Mormon Church at 1205 E. Main St., will have a flag raising ceremony July 4 at 8 a.m., followed by quite a breakfast of omelets made to order, pancakes, bacon, sausage, biscuits and gravy. Along with the breakfast will be a patriotic sing-a-long and some final patriotic words by Roy Ross. You’re invited to join them.

Later that day, July 4 activities will be held at Lake Madison. Games and entertainment begin at 4 p.m. Wednesday afternoon and will continue until 10 p.m. Besides the splash pad for the kiddos, live entertainment and plenty of food from local vendors will keep everybody smiling. As the sun sets our city will host a beautiful fireworks display, a grand showing to end a special day.

One more thing about Wednesday. None of us like to experience fright. Neither do our animals. Yet the bright lights and noise of fireworks really frighten many of them. If you have animals consider placing them where they will feel secure and hopefully hear less noise. Many a dog has been known to run off on July 4th, some straight into the path of oncoming traffic. Our animals love and trust us. This Wednesday will be a good time to live up to that love and trust.

•Next Tuesday, July 10, they will be singing and jamming those musical instruments of all kinds at the Lanier Stevens Memorial Gospel Singing. It takes place in the Midway Church of Christ Fellowship Hall and you will definitely enjoy yourself. In addition to listening and perhaps joining in with some good music hosted by Dennis Ivey, there is always some finger food to snack/ Show up around 6 pm for the snacks. The country gospel music will kick off shortly thereafter.

•The Huntsville Memorial Hospital Madisonville Clinic is closing its doors. The last day for the clinic is July 13. That’s next Friday. If you have used the facility your records will be available at the Huntsville Hospital. You should soon get a letter with that info.

•Then it’s vacation bible school time in our town again. Sunday evening, July 22, an evening Vacation Bible School kicks off at Crossroads Cowboy Church. It’s an evening VBC which runs 6-8 p.m. and runs through Thursday evening, July 26. That evening the cook wagon team headed by Tim and Kathy Edwards will cook some awesome hamburgers with all the trimmings.

The theme this year is Moose on the Loose and it will be a week loaded with fun activities from Bible study to crafts to games and laughter in the church arena. For more information call the church at (936) 349-4401 between 10 am and 4 pm.

•And while on the biblical theme, here’s something to make you smile. You may remember Becky Holland, who was associate editor of the Madisonville Meteor several years ago. Becky recently posted a pic of Moses on Facebook with the caption, “Technically Moses was the first person with a tablet downloading data from the cloud.” Oh, come on, you know that made you smile.

•On our birthday list, happy birthday to Maxinne Cannon and Loyd Harper, who celebrate birthdays July 5. Karen Overstreet does the same July 8, and Sharon Phelps blows out her candles July 9. Winding out this week’s birthday list is Debby Hammit and Susan Lacy, who celebrate their birthday July 11

•And finally, did you know that the formal signing of the Declaration of Independence took place on July 2, not July 4? It was on July 2 that Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence. Two days later, they then approved a revised version and the rest is history.

By the way Pastor Kris Kelso stole my thunder with that one, sharing the tidbit in church last Sunday so a lot of you already know that. Of course, you may have known it anyway from some wonderful history teacher.

How about some more trivia.

1. For several reasons, one being they didn’t have fast typing computers but rather wrote on parchment, the Declaration was not signed until Aug. 2. Even then, a few were stragglers, signing it months later.

2. When news of the Declaration of Independence reached New York City, it started a riot. That statue of England’s King George III that stood in New York? The crowd tore it down. Some things in America never change, do they?

3. Later, more than 42,000 musket balls for the army were made from melting King George’s statue. Think about that. King George’s statue turned into musket balls that were fired at the British. Karma is an interesting thing.

4. Eight of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were born in Britain. That’s kind of like a lot of Texans weren’t born here but they got here as fast as they could.

5. Richard Stockton, a lawyer from Princeton, N.J., was captured by the British, almost starved and treated harshly until he agreed King George was right and the Declaration of
independence wrong. Of course, when he was finally freed, he retracted that statement.

6. Interestingly, 50 years later, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, the two men who drafted the Declaration of Independence both died July 4, 1826.

And now you know. Happy Independence Day America.