’Round Town June 13, 2018


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How about some congrats for some of our neighbors doing good things? First, congratulations to Shaylynn Russell. Shaylynn, who has worked for several years as an LVN took classes when she could and graduated recently with her Registered Nursing Degree.

•Congratulations to MHS graduate and Texas A&M student Camryn Frederick. Camryn recently earned The Distinguished Student Award at Texas A&M University.

•Then congratulations to Betsy Daspitt and her mule Katie. The two attended the Texas Draft Horse and Mule Association Playday held last weekend in Groesbeck and brought home the bacon. Betsy won four blue ribbons, that’s first place and one red ribbon, that’s second place. Now that was a memorable day.

Here’s what’s going on ’round town.

Last Tuesday, the First Baptist Church of Madisonville began its Summer Reading Corner for children age Pre-K - completed third grad,e but it’s not too late to take your child and participate.

 The program runs through July 24 every Tuesday morning from 10-11 a.m., an hour packed full of story time, activities and snacks. You do need to stay with your child, but this is memory making time and you will always remember it. Call the church office at (936) 348-2686 for more info.

First United Methodist Church is holding its Vacation Bible School this month. This year’s theme is Rafting the Rapid and dates are June 18-21 from 8-11 a.m. Yes, parents you can register those kiddos any morning.

Next month, July 24-28, Crossroads Cowboy Church will host their Bible School in the evenings. More about that later.

•There is a volleyball camp about to be held here in Madisonville. If you have a young lady who likes to play the Mustang Volleyball Summer Camp will be held July 16 and 17 at the Madisonville CISD Athletic Complex.

For $30 those ages fifth-eighth grade can attend a morning camp from 9:15-11:30 a.m. while those entering ninth grade through 12th grade will have camp from noon until 3 p.m.

Mary Green of Centerville will be hosting the camp. Registration deadline is June 30. The problem is, I’m not sure how to tell you to register if you’re not on Facebook. If you are on Facebook the registration form is on Carol Phillips and Liz Ward’s facebook page. We will try to have more info next week.

•On the birthday list, Thursday, June 14, Brandon Cook will celebrate his birthday while Saturday, June 16, Kelle Harper will do the same. Sunday, June 17, is birthday time for Patricia Sowell. Rounding out our birthday wishes for this week is Donna Farris with her birthday Wednesday, June 20.

•Also on our congrats list, congratulations to Ford and Frances Hooper who will celebrate their anniversary June 17 and I’m pretty sure it’s their 63rd. The Hoopers address is P.O. Box 795 Normangee, TX 77871.

•I love love hot sauce and chips. Well, really I love mild sauce, very mild sauce that is, and chips. Liz Ward, by the way, makes some great hot sauce for you toughies.

Emillio, the owner of Tequeria Los Ranchos Mexican Restaurant in the Walmart Shopping strip, knows all about my desire for mild hot sauce. We’ve had a good time with a little back and forth bantering about hot sauce. I’m trying to convince Emillio to make two sauces, one for those with stomachs of iron that can endure lava-rating heat and one for us who need some on the mild side. Make that very very mild side.

Last week while dining at the restaurant, Emillio came by to check out the hot sauce. Now he thought the hot sauce was mild; I thought it still had a lava rating, so in a few minutes here he came with a milder green sauce. It was still a little spicy hot for those of us whose gut reacts to even the smell of peppers but milder it was milder than the hot sauce hubby Ronnie eats with a spoon.

It’s nice to know the owners of businesses, especially those with a smile and camaraderie like Emillio. By the way, if lava-rated hot sauce is a little too much for you, the next time you’re in Tequeria Los Ranchos ask for some a little milder. Emillio probably has it hidden in the back.

•And finally, while filing some paperwork from years past, I ran across the following about Father’s Day. This Sunday is the day to honor dads so here’s something to think about.

The other day I leaned against the fence and watched Rascal, an Australian shepherd that is Ronnie’s right-hand man when working cattle. He was in the back of the pasture behind the cattle, patiently moving them toward the round pen, carefully nudging them along.

It was a mesmerizing few minutes. Almost as if he had mental telepathy Rascal was always right “there” when a cow signaled she was thinking about wandering off. I didn’t see it, but he did. And when one did slip away, he was quick to retrieve her, sometimes barking, sometimes nipping those heels to scold her back to the safety of the herd much to the distress of the cow. Rascal, though, wasn’t concerned about her distress. Rather he was concerned about making sure she was going the right direction.

As I watched Rascal, it dawned on me that is exactly what a good father does. Fathering a child and being a good father are two vastly different things and unfortunately, not everyone is a good father.

A good father patiently guides his children in the right direction, nudging them along when needed. He has a sixth sense that alerts him to the need to have a one-on-one with the child thinking about drifting down the wrong path. And when that child does slip away, a good father is quick to go after him, even “nipping at his heels”, if it is necessary to bring him back to the family.

Of course, that makes an unhappy child but a good father is unconcerned about a child’s distress. Rather, he is concerned about guiding that child down the right path.

Rascal is an unusual dog. When he is sure the work is done for the day he puts himself up. Likewise, a good father seldom goes to bed without knowing his family is safe.

A good father may be a man who is not even blood-related but is love-related.

Father’s Day is Sunday. We have all been touched by a good father: the neighbor next door, the football coach, the Sunday School teacher. Father’s Day just might be a good time to let that good man know how much he touched your life.

Happy Father’s Day guys. You make our part of Texas a special place to live.