'Round Town (Nov. 27, 2019)

Posted 11/26/19

While November is best known for Thanksgiving, it has some other titles behind its name as well. For example, did you know November is National Novel Writing Month?

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'Round Town (Nov. 27, 2019)


While November is best known for Thanksgiving, it has some other titles behind its name as well. For example, did you know November is National Novel Writing Month?

Now if writing a novel is not on your to-do list, you still might consider recording your memoirs for future generations and this Thanksgiving weekend may be a good time to start “researching your project”.

Older family members who gather Thursday are treasure troves to earlier decades of your family tree. When you mix together the flavor of youth and the wisdom of age, a story worth preserving, a story that will be priceless for future generations, will without a doubt emerge. Ask about everything, from how they got their food to all of those courtships. You might be surprised what you learn!

By the way, years ago I did this. Found out my father’s nickname was Early since he always arose before daylight, that he slept most of the summer months of his childhood underneath their high front porch and that he and his siblings did chores from the time they could walk, the bigger ones overseeing the younger ones, but they didn’t think of what they did as chores. Take pen and paper with you Thanksgiving Day. Better than that, take a recorder! Could be a very entertaining day!

By the way, Nov. 24-30, is National Family Week, which seems to go hand-in-hand with recording the family history doesn’t it?

Speaking of celebrating Thanksgiving, Riverwood Health and Rehabilitation Center held its annual Thanksgiving dinner Thursday evening. Approximately 53 friends and family members joined the residents and staff to enjoy the event. For those who had yet to have the opportunity to meet the new administrator, Adelide Ybarra LNFA, the evening celebration was a good time to do so.

Condolences to the family of Jane Day Reynolds who passed away Friday afternoon. Memorial services are scheduled for 11 a.m. Saturday at The First Methodist Church. Jane served as the curator of the Madison County Museum since the summer of 2015. She is survived by her son, John Reynolds; her grandson, James Reynolds; and her sister, Sue Ellen (Day) Burton.

In lieu of flowers, the family suggestions donations be made in Jane's memory to The First United Methodist Church or to the Madison County Museum.

Condolences to Duane and Mittye Standley and family on the loss of Mittye’s mother Lyndall Louise Hale. Mrs. Hale, a resident of Sugar Land, was 96. Mrs. Hale was from the Centerville area and graduated from Leona High School in 1941. Services were held Tuesday at Walker Funeral Home in Centerville.

In addition to Mittye, Mrs. Hale is survived by her sons Bob Hale and his wife Emma, Billy Hale and his wife Ruby, six grandchildren and about-to-be 14 great-grandchildren. Send your condolences to Mittye and family at 856 Standley Road, Madisonville, TX 77864.

We have several folks in our area needing your support. First, the foot of young Ryder Davis, the son of Casee and Justin Davis was severely mangled in an accident Sunday afternoon. Ryder was life-lighted to Houston’s Texas Children’s Hospital and by the way, Dad took that ride with him.

Since Sunday, Ryder has undergone several procedures in attempt to clean debris and fight infection and open the way for major surgery to reattach a tendon and repair other damage. Last Friday’s procedure revealed the much-dreaded infection was gone and as we go to press, Ryder is undergoing major surgery to reconnect a tendon and do a lot of skin grafting. He will be in ICU for several days and has a long recovery road in front of him, so if you’re the praying kind, this is a praying family and they appreciate your prayers.

Adna Hawthorne, a part of Madison County for the majority of her life, is also in the hospital having undergone surgery last Saturday in Cypress Fairbanks to remove a cancerous mass. Doctors say that stuff is all gone now. We hope to have her address next week to send your encouragement encouraging words.

John Butard of Bedias, who underwent gallbladder surgery last week at St Luke’s Hospital in Houston, is finally home. Because of previous surgeries, John had to have the good old-fashioned kind of gallbladder surgery. That and a battle with atrial fibrillation following surgery kept him a resident of St. Luke’s for several days. Send your encouragement for a speedy recovery to John and his wife Terri at 6666 County Road 176 Bedias, Texas 77831.

Doctors are trying to figure out why Norman Risinger keeps passing out and falling these days. Presently he is in the hospital in Bryan but should be back to his residence before long.

Here’s what’s going on round town.

County election administrator Earl Parker handed in his keys Tuesday and retired from his second profession. Prior to serving our county as election administrator, Earl was the principal at Madisonville High School. Here’s a quote from Laura Cannon, which I think describes this man very well.

“Earl is efficient, knowledgeable, and good to get along with. When I worked with him, I knew he was on the other side of the political fence, but he NEVER said anything demeaning about our candidates and he did not show any favor at all to those on the other side.”

Those words are a good testimony to a servant’s heart. Wouldn’t it be great if those words could be said about each of us? Here’s to retirement Earl!

The Red Kettle Campaign of the Salvation Army begins Friday. All of the money collected during the campaign stays in Madison County. The money helps those who unexpectedly fell on hard times, pay electricity bills, put food on the table. The Salvation Army shares that $250 helps to provide nine nights of shelter for someone with nowhere else to go.

These are good things to remember when you pass the bell ringer and the red kettle for the next couple of weeks. If your heart tugs at you, it could be a message to give as much as you can.

Also, bell ringers are really needed, so if you can spare an hour or two call Becky at 936-348-5465

On to Dec. 11, the fifth annual chamber of commerce-sponsored chili contest. Have you signed up to share your Oscar-winning recipe with the rest of us? Seriously, you could win the first, second or third place cash prize. And who couldn’t use a little cash right before Christmas?

The rest of us can reap the benefits of this friendly competition. Mark your calendar for Dec. 12 to stop by the Kimbro Center at noon and enjoy a $5 bowl of Chili. Entry for the famous chili cookers is $20 and all proceeds go to scholarships.

After sampling the different chilis at lunchtime, that evening is a good time to attend the annual “Pathway of Light”. The annual celebration, presented by all Madisonville churches and hosted by First Baptist Church, begins Dec. 12 and continues through Dec. 15.

The Life Center at First Baptist Church is the first stop to attend the outdoor presentation. It depicts the life of Christ from birth to resurrection. Did you know it takes more than 250 people just to make up the cast, not counting the necessary support groups? That is a lot of dedication.

While admission is free, you do need to reserve your spot. Call 936-348-2686 or go online to www.thepathwayoflight.com. By the way, it takes a lot of money to host this event and donations are appreciated.

Beginning Jan. 6, Jim Daspit will have a new title behind his name. Jim will take over as financial administrator for House of Hope. He will be there 2½ days a week, probably Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so stop by and say hello. Think about leaving a little donation while you’re there.

On our birthday list, belated happy birthday to D’Lynn Henson and Adna Hawthorne, who celebrated their birthdays Saturday. Adna, though spent the day undergoing surgery. What a way to celebrate your birthday!

Then Monday was birthday time for Art Henson, Frank Kelly and Billy Bob Hutto. It was Mr. Art’s 90th birthday and he celebrated it by attending the Trent Ashby Fundraiser at Leona Steak House. He also received a rousing round of applause!

Rowena Wilson kicks off this week’s list with her birthday Thursday. Becky Linebaugh and Sara Hudson do their celebrating Friday and Randi Pipes ends the week with her birthday Sunday.

On to next week, when Bobby Adams and David Langley have their birthdays Monday while Charlotte Wilson celebrates her birthday Tuesday. Winding out this week’s birthday list is Judy Abilez and Liz Henson, who celebrate their birthday Wednesday.

And finally, it’s Thanksgiving. As John F. Kennedy once said, “We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.”

From the Nettles household to your household, thanks for making a difference in our lives. Wishing you a thoughtful and thankful Thanksgiving!