Skins need to be a lot thicker quickly


When I was getting started in the news business, my favorite comic in newspapers was “Bloom County.”

One set of panels, very early on and in the mid-80s, dealt with people making comments and other people being offended. Kind of like what’s happening today.

This is all by the way of saying what is happening now has happened before. The only difference is technology, the internet and the 24-hour news cycle.

So there’s a lot more coming at you faster, and most of it is designed to be eye-catching. Meaning it’s all about style, and little about substance.

And that doesn’t begin to cover media bias — real and perceived — on both sides of any debate, and the ability to “flame” and “troll” anonymously on numerous formats.

The Madisonville Meteor is your answer for that.

We care only about Madisonville and Madison County. We will give you the information you need, in a way that you can appreciate, and without slant, agenda or argument.

That’s not to say we don’t have any opinion, but those are easy to find, since we have a page labeled Opinion. Mostly, it’s in line with the way folks in these parts think, but occasionally, we like to put a little other side there to stir up debate.

We like to think of this newspaper as an asset to the community, a member of this community, and certainly a part of this community, and the best source for news you can use.

Skip the nets, the raging internet, and stick with what matters — not Fake News, but real Madison County News.

•I get my news and information from a variety of sources, and one I like to listen to on long trips is NPR.

This time, though, they kind of missed the mark on stories that matter, and have become the focus of this week’s Headline of Note: Uh-Oh, Germany Is Rapidly Running Out Of Beer Bottles.

I can see running this if this was part of a larger problem facing the globe, but it’s happening in one country, largely because that country has a bit of a bias against using aluminum to store what is arguably their best-loved product.

But who, except the Germans, actually cares?

I would think that much more effort could be put into exploring — really exploring — national issues in a way that will attempt to inform, not push an agenda.

This I see as this as just noise, apropos of nothing, and useless to most people except maybe glass suppliers.

Tony Farkas is publisher of the Madisonville Meteor.>/i>