Speeding to a stop


I have supported the east-west corridor project on US 190 since 1998. TxDOT has done a very good job in providing us with the environmental assessment and an opportunity to comment on it.

However, I strongly disagree with their findings.

I believe there are many issues that bear more investigation than the assessment provides for such a costly project. I believe that TxDOT’s finding of “no significant impact” should be revisited with a comprehensive environmental impact statement.

I commend TxDOT for their work on this project, but a relief route around North Zulch before a relief route around Madisonville just does not make any sense. A complete EIS would show this.

I encourage everyone to take a good hard look at all of the available information on this important project. TxDOT has given us until June 21 to comment. Please do.

George Krohn

North Zulch