State returns to cursive writing requirements


While it is nothing new, a Texas State Board of Education requirement change is set to go into effect this fall that will require Texas schools to return to cursive writing this year.

“I am more concerned about the quality of writing than what the script is,” said Madisonville CISD Superintendent Keith Smith.

The increased focus on standardized testing and technology has resulted in a decrease of cursive writing education throughout the state and country and a greater influence on keyboards and keypads. But the lost art will now be revitalized in Texas and cursive letters will be taught as early as second grade starting in the 2019-20 school year.

“In education, we have ebb and flow all of the time,” said MCISD Elementary Principle Rhodena Brooks. “I think it will be a helpful thing. I know our teachers embrace anything the state says we need to do. Anything that is good for children is what we will certainly be doing.”

Students will be required to know how to legibly write in cursive by the fifth grade.

Updates to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for language and arts were altered in 2017 to revitalize cursive writing and these changes will go into effect this coming fall, according to the Texas Education Agency.