Suspect arrested in assault case


Madisonville Police on Sunday arrested a city resident who was wanted on two charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Gerome Williams, 40, turned himself after contacting police officers, who told the suspect that it would be the best option, said Madisonville Police Chief Herbert Gilbert.

Gilbert said that on Nov. 17, Williams is alleged to have grabbed a 39-year-old female victim and threatened to cut her throat, and when a 17-year-old male victim attempted to take the knife away the suspect, and the suspect began slashing the air in front of the male victim.

Gilbert said this was probably some type of family disagreement.

An additional charge is pending based on the investigation of an incident that occurred last weekend, but Gilbert did not release details as the investigation is ongoing.

Gilbert said the department had been searching for Williams since November, but had been contact with the suspect. There were postings on social media seeking information on the suspect.

Two felony warrants were obtained by the Madisonville Police Department following the incident.