Taylor, Jaenicke chalk victories in council races


Dale Kovacs fell in his re-election bid Saturday, falling to third place of the three candidates angling for a seat on the Madisonville City Council.

When results were announced Saturday, Brady Dion Taylor and Jessie Jaenicke emerged victorious, receiving 55.04 percent and 25.2 percent respectively. Kovacs finished with 19.76 percent of the vote.

Kovacs was the only sitting council member up for reelection and finished third with 98 votes behind Jessie Jaenicke’s 125 and Taylor’s 273.

Sitting Mayor William “Bill” Parten, who ran unopposed, received 288 votes.

“People know what we’re trying to do for the city,” Jaenicke said Tuesday. “They know what I’ve been doing on Planning and Zoning.”

Jaenicke has served as chairman for the Planning and Zoning Commission for the past three years.

“And I had my signs up. A lot of people know me,” he said. The 40-year resident of Madisonville was elected as the city’s Man of the Year last year.

Jaenicke also runs the sound production for city events like the Fourth of July celebrations and even DJs for the Christmas parade.

“I just like to get involved,” he said.

Taylor said name recognition from his time working for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, where expecting a pause for retirement from 2012 to 2014, he has worked for more than three decades boosted his campaign as well.

“A lot of people know I’m always trying to help,” he said. “I’m always trying to find the needs of someone and fix things.”

In a pre-election interview, Taylor said he spent five months working in the Madisonville Water Department, a stint that really opened his eyes to the city’s infrastructure issues, a key issue in his campaign.

“It did give me a new perspective on how things can be done better,” he said.

After that stint with the Water Department, Taylor returned to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, where he had retired two years before.

“My intentions are to get in there and represent the people and make some small change,” Taylor said. “I know things don’t happen overnight.

“I want them to know that the people working for them are actually working for them.”

The Madisonville City Council will hold a special meeting at 5:30 p.m. Thursday to install the two new members, something of great anticipation for Jaenicke.

“I’m looking forward to working with the council on the future needs of the city.”