Tennis athletes shine


Multiple Madisonville Tennis players garnered top results at a home tournament last week as well as one in Waco Robinson and Ennis.

Ashlyn Hahn received first place in the women’s side in singles at Ennis on Thursday while Kennedy Bryant and Harper Wiseman finished first in the women’s doubles. They were followed by the second place doubles duo of Sarah Binch and Fabiola Vera.

Evie Rickard earned third place in women’s singles while the duo of Jordan Davis and Brooke Huff received the fifth place consolation prize for women’s doubles.

On the JV side, the doubles duo of Maegan Anderson and Jenna Yeager earned second place in women’s doubles for their effort in Ennis while Johnna Carroll and Brylee Disanto were third. Bryant placed second in women’s singles and was followed by Rickard and Jicel Torres. Davis was a consolation winner while Emily Goodwin earned consolation finalist.

Garrett Underwood earned third place on the men’s singles side while the duo of Serena Powers and Brett Snook also took third place in mixed doubles.

The tournament is Waco was shortened due to weather and would only feature main matches. The women's doubles team of Ashley Saucedo and Fabiola Vera took third place.

During a large tournament at MHS that featured over 20 singles players on the women’s side, Saucedo was able to come away with third place overall. The duo of Braedon McCloud and Maria Ayala took fourth place in mixed doubles while Underwood earned fifth place consolation winner in singles on the men's side. Powers and Snook took sixth place consolation finalists for mixed doubles.

The Mustangs tennis team is scheduled to host another tournament at MHS on Friday and will travel to Taylor on March 1.