Tennis battles opponents and weather


The Madisonville tennis program competed in tournaments at Taylor and MHS as they near postseason play and saw top finishes at all levels for those who were able to get their matches in despite the weather.

On the Varsity side, Ashlyn Hahn earned first place in women’s singles and Michael de Boisblanc was second on the men’s side. Tyler Garcia placed fifth in men’s singles while the duo of Cesar Rosas and Jace Snook took third in men’s doubles play. They were followed by the partnership of Carson Fraley and Brett Snook, who finished sixth.

Ashley Saucedo and Vera Fabiola placed third in women’s doubles play at the Varsity level while de Boisblanc and Harper Wiseman finished third in mixed doubles and Caymen Forrest and Zoie Stewart were fourth.

Some of the Varsity matches were canceled due to rain and were rescheduled for Tuesday at MHS.

At the JV level, Meagan Anderson and Jenna Yeager placed first in women’s doubles in Taylor. They were followed by Madison Clopton and Andrea Gonzalez in the same category.

In singles on the women’s side, Emily Goodwin placed third, Jicel Torres placed fourth and Johnna Carroll fifth.

Lazaro Almaraz finished sixth in singles on the men’s side while the mixed doubles duo of Damoin Phillips and Serena Powers finished third.

Madisonville tennis players on all levels competed in remake matches at the courts of MHS on Tuesday and are scheduled to compete at a tournament in Groesbeck on March 28.