This and that about odds and ends


I remember when the competition was the reason for having the Olympics. Now, it seems more of a canvass for social justice issues.

•Self-awareness used to be a criterion for candidates, especially ones running for federal office. With Whatever Manning seeking election, I guess all that has fallen by the wayside, and any oath requiring defense of the Constitution or upholding laws can be taken with fingers crossed.

•That last sentence was tough trying not to use gender-specific pronouns.

•Some folks are decrying the proliferation of comic book movies coming out, but when the majority of other films essentially being retreads of other movies, it’s nice to see something different.

•I find that with the uptick in political correctness and social justice wars, there seems to be a downturn in people actually caring about others. It’s present in the way we talk to each other, the way we drive, the way we raise children, even. Apparently, the Golden Rule is closed pending review.

•Most of you probably have thought it, but I’ll say it: the idea that cell phone and internet technology making us more connected is farcical. With your neck constantly at a 45-degree angle while looking down, you really can’t see what’s going on.

•Tax cuts are nice and all, but they’re not enough. The government needs to stop being a mommy and start being a government. There’s not a segment of our lives that doesn’t have the touch of government on it.

•It’s nice to see a Tesla auto headed toward Mars, especially one playing David Bowie music (“Don’t Panic” was a fantastically nice touch). Hopefully the tank was full, and hopefully the Martians aren’t Ford guys.

•It’s also nice to see that there’s an interest in space again, given that the previous administration essentially turned NASA into a climate-change cheerleading organization.

•I don’t understand if the ups and downs on Wall Street are supposed to be a good thing or bad thing. Between Occupy Wall Street and two presidents, it’s become a bone of contention. Maybe Hillary can clear that up for us.

•So is there Russian collusion, or obstruction of justice, or is this just another tax-funded boondoggle that will end up a new Cabinet position?

I’m so tired of this nonsense already. Aren’t you?

•This week’s Headline of Note may be a little insensitive, but it raises questions to me that I need answered.

From the U.S. version of, the story reads “Student says she flushed 'emotional support hamster' after Spirit Airlines denied passage.”

So here are my questions: Have we as a society become that fragile that we cannot exist without the support of a critter? Especially a hamster?

And, if one cannot exist in this world without the use of a crutch in the form of an animal, must that need force the rest of the planet, or even an airline, to abide by your needs?

Lastly, a hamster? Really? If it was that necessary, then why flush it?

Whether she was told she could bring it, or not, or the story changed, to me it’s inconceivable to think it was a good idea to try to bring this on a plane in the first place. Find another way.

Tony Farkas is publisher of the Madisonville Meteor.