This and that about odds & ends


The current groupthink that has taken over the nation is Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation circus. Trump should sell popcorn to everyone watching this slugfest; it could help shave the national debt.

•The great thing about having children is living life as a youngster again — albeit vicariously. The downside: stepping on Legos at midnight (or any other time) and going to work with Schoolhouse Rock songs stuck in your head.

•With the future of our great nation continuously on the brink of disaster, as the news networks would have you believe, why are we wasting time arguing about which plan is better? Shouldn’t we come together, as we have in the past during great emergencies, to solve our problems collectively?

•Losing a friend puts you in mind of your own mortality. I hate that. I want to live forever.

•It was pointed out by a guest on a talk show last week that the problems that inner cities and minorities face are the direct result of policies put in place by Democrats with the idea of solving economic and fairness problems. Maybe the GOP should start pointing that out.

•News reports show that California is spending more than $9 million battling President Trump’s policies. Never going to get that bullet train built that way.

•The International Court of “Justice” (sarcasm mine) has ordered the U.S. to ease sanctions against Iran. I was unaware that such a critter existed, but even so, who cares?

•Matt Damon, who was given a metaphorical black eye for his relationship with a real sexual predator, Harvey Weinstein, is now back in the liberals’ good graces for his portrayal of Kavanaugh on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.” That is convenient, right there.

•Sonnie Johnson, a speaker and Tea Party activist, said Thursday that the reason the Democrats are so vehemently opposed to Brett Kavanaugh, regardless of his qualifications, is because any legislative success the liberals have had has come from the courts, not legislation. Obamacare, abortion, et al, have been put into place because of court cases. It’s not about people and country. It’s about power, and always has been.

•My 13-year-old daughter last week had to go 24 hours without speaking, texting, or communicating in any way other than through sign language. I negotiated for a week, but was shot down.

•The recent test of the presidential emergency texting system has elicited nothing but derision. People actually have said they feel violated simply because the president is Donald Trump. I wonder how violated they would feel by invading armies, or earthquakes, or erupting calderas.

•It never fails; as soon as I clean out my email inbox, someone will send an email. It never ends.

•Pets are wonderful, calming, and generally fun to be around, especially rescue animals. But the increase of “emotional support animals” says less about the wonder of owning a pet and more about us as a society. Where’s our adult britches?

•Why is that with clear evidence of impropriety and even criminal activity exhibited by government and elected officials, no investigations seem to be held, yet accuse a guy of throwing ice at a bar 147 years ago and the dogs of war are unleashed? Is it because a man has to have the right criminal temperament to join the elite?

Tony Farkas is publisher of the Madisonville Meteor.