Tornado season and readiness for homeowners and renters


It is that time of year again when we begin to hear of tornadoes in the news on a regular basis. Spring and Summer will see its fair share of storms in Texas. Experts define tornado season as a term starting in March and ending in August. However, tornadoes do occur in other months, they are not confined to the March through August months only because weather is unpredictable. Texas is in what is called Tornado Alley and we are known to be affected by these disturbances quiet often. Just recently we have had neighboring residents in Franklin, Marquez, Buffalo and Lovelady that have suffered drastic loss. “Tornado Alley was first named in 1952 to describe the study of severe weather in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, South Dakota, North Dakota, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado, and Minnesota” (Ratliff, 4/28/2019).

According to a 2019 report from Accuweather, “The weather outlook predicts that there'll be 1,075 tornadoes in 2019, which is up from the 2018 prediction of 987. The report breaks down weather events by season, and the weather radar service predicts there will be 525 tornadoes from March through May, which as AccuWeather pointed out, is the normal average for those months of the year using computer models. Even better, in 2018, there were only 345 recorded tornadoes from March to May” (Ratliff, 4/28/2019). Tornadoes are a serious disturbance that can cause interruptions in our daily lives such as loss of electricity, phone service, internet outages, missed work, and closed retailers such as grocery and drug stores. Here is an example of some items to gather for tornado season:

1. Generator

2. Water: Have containers on hand for storage and extra bottled water. One gallon per day per person is recommended.

3. Food: Keep ready to eat foods on hand, powdered milk & canned juices

4. Baby Needs: Extra Formula, Diapers, & Wipes

5. Medication & Vitamins: Keep prescriptions filled, Vitamins & Pain Reliever on hand

6. Batteries & Flashlights

7. Propane for BBQ Pits: Keep an Extra Container on Hand

8. First Aid Items: Band-Aids, bandages, wound care cleaner and ointments

9. Sanitation Items: Toilet Paper, Wipes, Etc

10. Pet Food

11. Duffle Bags & Camping Gear: In Case of the need to Evacuate

12. Tools & Scrap Material: For Emergency of Boarding up Windows

Keeping your homeowners insurance current is just as important as stocking your home with necessities. Home maintenance such as keeping debris and children’s toys picked up, tree

trimming, and fence mending are never-ending chores, but they are a must during tornado season. Stay prepared for tornado season by shopping early and having necessities on hand. Waiting until the weather warnings are on the news can sometimes be too late, especially in a small town where supplies are often limited. Determine your family’s needs and stock up early; rotate your supplies to keep items fresh and prevent having out of date products on hand in an emergency. Be prepared by staying prepared to protect your family, home and belongings.