Tundra finds Madisonville


The last week in Madison County and surrounding counties saw a dangerous ice storm that shut down Madisonville CISD as well as many businesses on Tuesday and fell to 15 degrees early the following morning.

Wednesday's lowest point of 14 degrees was the coldest East Texas has seen since March of 1943.

According to the National Weather Service, who has a site located in College Station, Tuesday's temperature was also the lowest ever experienced by the area for the date of Jan. 16.

On top of the recent spurt, it has seemed like it has been a much colder year and harsher winter than usual for the state of Texas. The month of November set the trend for a colder winter, as the average temperature in the state was 8 degrees lower than it usually is. December was 6 degrees colder than average in 2017.

Last week's activity has already skewed the average local temperature for the month of January in 2018. Despite the mild turnaround of the last few days, the average temperature this month in the state is 25 degrees less than usual.

Another concern for the state in the midst of the plummeting weather was power. The state broke a new record for winter power usage on Wednesday because the temperature was so low.

The state was using 65,731 megawatts of power on Wednesday morning, which was more than 4 percent higher than the last record set in the winter but less than the summer peak. There were no power outages reported in Madison County.

With last week's cold weather also came another snowfall. While this wasn't even the most dramatic snowfall we've seen in Madison County this season, it's still abnormal to see it multiple times in a year.

According to the National Weather Service, while it's unusual to see snow in this part of the country more than once a year, there are a lot of factors that come into play as to why it's been a whiter winter.

There is no definitive answer as to why winter has been so effective locally in late 2017 and early '18. While a temperature in the teens is hard to imagine again and even harder to bear for the average local citizen, the temperature is expected to drop back into the 30s in the coming days.