Two-steppin’ and fundraisin’

Association raises funds for scholarships at annual steak dinner


“God Blessed Texas,” and especially the Madisonville area, with the perfect night for people to come together to raise funds for students in the county.

Saturday was the annual Madisonville Sidewalk Cattlemen’s Association Steak Dinner and Dance, and this year’s president Matt Clark said it was a full house.

“The attendance has pretty good this year,” he said. “We’re a few corporate tables shy of where we were last year, but it’s still a full house.”

Clark said there were 37 tables sold, which brought in just more than $46,000, and estimated that about 200 individual tickets as well, which would have added about $15,000.

Once expenses are paid, the rest of the funds go to scholarships, but the final tally of the funds won’t be known for about a week, Clark said.

“Generally speaking, we usually give around $10,000 in scholarships,” he said.

In addition to the tickets and tables, the MSCA holds a heifer auction, which has grown each year of the last three.

This year, Clark said they were fortunate to have three resales, which provides extra funds for the organization, since the first sales’ funds go to the child.